Jerry of Equity Contracting has been in the construction industry forever. He has been building custom homes and providing major renovation services as a general contractor in Vancouver and the last 21 years in Kelowna and surrounding area.

Jerry and Susan’s third custom home project in Kelowna was built to last for centuries and beyond.

His innovative use of (ICF) Insulated Concrete Forms a “Quad Lock Project”.

Equity Contracting and Renovation is not the only one talking about ICF construction.

Mike Holmes of “Holmes on Homes”  fame is equally taken with the construction technology.

I’m more excited about what I called insulated concrete forms (ICF) construction than any other building method out there. These forms are pumped full of concrete and the ICF form remain in place, providing excellent insulation and sound barrier. Furthermore this ICF panel does not burn, rot or develop mold.

I myself believe that is why we are in the renovation business. I can tell you about the short life span of wood framed homes. The renovation business is an endless source of work especially in BC where mildew, mold and rot will prevail.

“Our passion and love for designing and the remodeling of homes built in 1920 to the 1980’s is endless.”

Jerry of equity renovations


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